Living the Life…

For over 38 years, Miss Linda has worked in Corporate America where God has allowed her to build a solid career in information technology, while establishing a sound and credible foundation of true authentic leadership. Throughout her career Miss Linda has held both situational and positional leadership roles. In these assignments, she has had the privilege of leading people from all over the world and from many walks of life.  Consequently, all these leadership assignments afforded her the opportunity to grow and mature in many aspects of leadership.  

Miss Linda holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing and a Master of Business Administration.  Miss Linda is Six Sigma Black Belt certified and has been certified in Collaborative Problem Solving, Negotiating Conflict and Facilitating Collaborative Work Groups and other workplace methodologies.  

Her career in information technology is unmatched in many ways.  Miss Linda started in the days of mainframe computing where she excelled in infrastructure and programming.  As the years progressed, Miss Linda became an application programmer for such platforms as Lotus Notes and SAP.  As new technology emerged, so did Miss Linda’s interest is such technologies.  Miss Linda was a leader in driving mobility technology and the use of smart phones.  In the most recent years Miss Linda helped lead a major project to move the an on-prem data center to the Azure Cloud.  Nowadays, Miss Linda is driving the use of other cloud technologies such as Microsoft 365, PowerApps, Flow and the like.  It goes without question that Miss Linda has enjoyed a prosperous career in STEM.

Miss Linda began her work in ministry over 15 years ago.  Over these years, she has worked diligently in several ministries in the church such as Youth and Teen Ministry, where she developed and taught training materials for ages 6 -13; the Diakonos Ministry, where she trained in learning the dynamics of church leadership and stewardship; the Ushers Ministry; and other ad-hoc ministry events and programs. In 2017, Miss Linda was ordained an Elder and given the responsibility to design and develop a Spiritual Leadership program for The Resurrection Center.  Subsequently, Miss Linda led the efforts to take the first cohort through the program.  From that program, 13 new deacons were officially ordained. 

Miss Linda’s involvement in the works of ministry helped to form her zeal and the realization that her acts of leadership were really a gifting and calling from God. The more Miss Linda studied and learned about God through these ministry opportunities, her reliance on God became greater and greater.  It was not long before she realized that regardless of religious, cultural, or political affiliation, all were God’s creation and her assignment was to become all things to all people so that God could use her to win some as she leads.   

Today, Miss Linda enjoys life with her husband Roc, (of more than 30 years), along with their son Jay and his wife and her daughter Lauren and her husband.  Of course, the most joy comes from her five grandchildren ranges from ages 1 years of old to 16 years old.  Tog God be the Glory for All the things he has done in the life of Miss Linda and her entire family… blood ties and BLOOD ties.